Church of Panagia Archodiki

Just below the Castle of Lamia the Church of Panagia Archodiki was built. It is the second (after the Castle) archaeologically significant monument. It took its name by the prominent residents and lords of Lamia that were attending services there in the past. It was built just over the older church that was destroyed by a fire. It was built in 1760 and was crafted in 1762. The walls of the Church are simple. The narthex was added later that is why it has no frescos, like the main Church. Inside the Church is painted with four series of subjects-zones. The first shows the martyrs of the Old and the New Testament. The second narrates the Holy Basin to the Resurrection. The third shows 30 Saints and the Fourth full-body name and women Saints. 



Time Periods

Ottoman era


Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Lamia




There are public means of transportation (KTEL coach, National Railway) to the city centre where you can go to the Castle of Lamia by car or taxi which is near Panagia Archontiki, on the eastward path.


Bus to the city center and then by car or TAXI


Parking not available

Work hours

Without Restrictions

Accessibility for disabled


General information

Holy Bishorpic of Fthiotida
Phone: 22310-50551

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Free entrance

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