Victims-executed's memorial

The Iroon (The Memorial) that is in the centre of the city and in the homonymous square was built   in the memory of the victims-executed during the Holocaust in Ypati on the 17th June 1944. On this day the darkest page of the modern history of the town was written. The German forces in order to take revenge on Ypati, which was the base of operations for the ELAS Rebels, set fire, plundered and executed civilians and patriots. Military forces of the central German administration in Lamia attacked Ypati, executed 28 people, injure 30 and destroyed 375 out of the 400 houses of the town including byzantine churches and historic mansions.A Holocaust. For this reason Ypati was deemed to be a Martyr (Tormented) City.



Time Periods

Newer modern Greece


Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Ypati, Local Community of Ypati




It is located north of Ypati's Square


Intercity bus to the Square of Ypati, car, taxi


Parking not available

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Without Restrictions

Accessibility for disabled


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Free entrance

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