Stone Primary School of Kompotades

The Primary School was built in 1903 from the National Benefactor Andreas Syggros and operated as one-seater school. The Municipality, in the beginning of its operation found the resources for its maintenance. Providing knowledge to the Primary School students of Kobotades -reading, writing and mathematics- was performed by the priest. Because there was a large number of students during its establishment and later on, a separate girl's schools was established since the one and only class of the school was not adequate. The girl's school was initially operating in Tolias residence. In 1923, following fundraiser from the residents themselves when Athanasios K. Jivellekis was President of the Community the school was supported and it started working properly as a two-seater school. The school continued operating till the end of 1975, It was located between two streams and due to the constant flooding it started to show cracks which made it probable to collapse. For this reason a new school was built on the east of the village and started working three years later.



Time Periods

Newer modern Greece


Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Ypati, Local Community of Kompotades




It is located North of Cobotades' Square within 150m


Intercity bus to the Square of Kompotades, car, taxi


Parking not available

Work hours

Without Restrictions

Accessibility for disabled


Entry Cost

Free entrance

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