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The Center for Historic Information in Thermopylae consists of three halls, the applications of which have been curated by the Foundation of the Hellenic World. The collection of the educational material is based on Herodotus' history and on archaeological researches.In the first hall, which is named 'Leonides', the visitor can watch a seven-minute video which informs him about the operation of the Centre, as well as what he is going to see next in the rest of the halls of the Centre for Historical Information. The second hall, that is named 'Diinekis', the visitor wears special glasses to watch a virtual reality fifteen-minute film which shows historical facts concerning the Battle. The armory of the Greeks, the ascend of the Anopaia Way and how the Battle ended. In the specific scene the viewer feels as if he is present and watches the treator Efialtes to lead the Persians in the night through the Anopaia Way to the West Gate and to the Kolonus Hill. In the third hall, named 'Thermopylae', the visitor can activate the screens of special interactive tables through touch and get in an understandable way and get all the information concerning the history of the Battle and the respective historical period learn about the historical framework, the causes of the Persian Wars, see the Sea Battle of Artemision, learn about the protagonists, know who the 300 were, what was their armor, learn about the moves of the two opposing armies and the way they took their position for battle and much more in a way that is unexpectedly amusing.  



Historical information

The Battle of Thermopylae war conducted in 480BC among the Greeks and the Persians the same time the Naval Battle of Artemision took place. In the beginning of September the Persian Army led my Xerxis reaches the passageways of Thermopylae. The Greeks have chosen this strategic spot to face the Persian attack. Xerxis has commanded Leonides, the leader of the Greek Army to surrender his armory but he replied 'Come and Get them'. Two consecutive days the Greeks fought heroically. The third day Efialtes betrays the Greeks, showing the Persians the passageway so as to get to the back side of the Greeks. So, the Persian Army surrounds the Greeks. Leonides remains in the site of the battle along with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespieis and 400 Thivaious, loyal to his homeland laws. He fall dead from Persian arrows. The Greek fleet the minute they were informed for Leonides' death, get away from Artemision and retreat in Salamina where later on a great victory was succeeded. The Battle in Thermopylae is considered one of the most important battles of the Greek and World History, showing virtues like bravery, self-sacrifice and obedience to our homeland.

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Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Thermopylae




1. Coming from Athens on National Highway Road to Lamia, after the tollpost of Agia Triada, we take the route firght to the Local Community of Thermopylae.
2.Coming from Thessaloniki on National Highway Road to Athens, after the city of Lamia we take the route right to the Local Community of Thermopylae.


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Thermopylae's Innovative Centre of Historical Information