Statue of Aris Velouchiotis

In the centre of Laou Square the statue of Aris Velouchiotis has been erected. He has been Captain in Chief of the General Commander of ELAS since 1943. After the Germans departed from Lamia on October, 1944, he addressed the residents of Lamia the speech of liberation from the balcony of a house, from which a banner with the slogan 'Republic' was hanging.



Historical information

Due to the flag of the National Resistance as well as the fact of the blasting of the Bridge, with the symbolism of national unity that it embodies, the Municipal Board of Lamia, unanimously took the decision in 1985 to build a statue that is today placed in Laou Square. This decision, has launched a national artistic competition with the presence of representatives of the Arts and Technical Chamber. The first Prize was awarded to the sculptor Kostas Kazakos, which was assigned to make the statue.

Time Periods

Newer modern Greece


Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Lamia




North of Parkou Square, at Laou Square a statue in the memory of Aris Velouchiotis was erected.


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